International Cooperation Most Welcomed! 

Unique Planet, Unique's Protein

On 28th February 2016, Guangzhou Unique biotechnology Co,. as GZUniquehosted three special clients in the Unique's insect canteen -- Globomass's CEO Donald and CDO Carloand Stephen from Singapore insect rearing company Terracycle. John Hu, the chairman of GZUnique hosted these three clients and had a thorough discussion with them. "It's an exciting trip in China" said the clients.

Stephen owns a big insect farming business in Singapore. During this trip to China, Stephen escorted Carlo and Donald to seek international cooperation in China. (Globomass is a company that aims to generate electric by aerobic digestion.)

On 27th Feb, we together visited some insect farming industries in Luoding city and discussed about the project on kitchen waste with the local commercial and industrial association and Investment Invitation Bureau. "We hope we can cooperate, especially in the insect farming and organic waste recycling industries" said these three clients.


On 28th Feb, they visited the production center of GZUnique guided by CEO Mr. Pang and CTO Mrs Li; from commercial BSF production to breeding, from eggs incubation to mating adults, GZUnique developed a set of standard process, which represent the top level of BSF farming technics in China. During visit, they all cheer that "I have never seen such a big yield per unit area in America, as well as in the other places"

After a whole day trip to the breeding and reproduction center, John Hu invited the visitors to the Unique insect canteen and had a thorough discussion with them. Inside the canteen, there was delicious insect snack prepared. Carlo and Donald, who just learnt how to use the chopsticks, raved the dishes.


During the discussion, BSF mass rearing and bioconversion of organic waste by BSF was highlighted. Both sides highly agreed with each other that there is unlimited potential in this industry. Donald is not only the CEO of Globolmass, but also an animal nutrient expert. He totally agrees with John Hu about the industry developmental strategy and showed strong williness on the international cooperation with GZUnique. "I love the logo design of GZUnique as well as the slogan -- Unique Planet, Unique's Protein (UPUP)" said Donald.

“自然万物无穷已, 重生蛋白无两承”, 体现了无两人对有机废弃物资源化利




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