Regarding the meeting between Unique and Protix & Buhle

广州无两生物科技有限公司"How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood."

                                                           --Andrew S. Grove

Recently, representatives from Protix and Buhler had conducted a business trip in China for investigation and cooperation. On 6th of November, they visited Guangzhou Unique Biotechnology in Guangzhou and was hosted with a warm welcome.

Protix is an insect farming company in the Netherland that focuses on BSF farming.  Some examples of their products are:

·         Concentrated protein meals

·         Whole insect lipids and Refined insect lipids (purified).

Buhler owns business over 140 countries, which entered in China in 1982 with a head office located in Beijing. Buhler focuses on machinery and heat process.

After an introduction of each own company, Protix indicated that they looking for reliable partner in China. Meanwhile, GZUnique also showed the willingness for international cooperation possibilities.

During this meeting, we knew that Buhler holds a top level of equipment design and production in insect rearing industry. While Protix puts a lot of effort to improve insect indoor rearing with regards to climate control system. Based on these areas, there exist the possibilities in multi-area cooperation.


Last but least, it was an impressive meeting for both sides. We believe the cooperation among us would bring boundless and incredible values. 


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